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Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom

Nov 30, 2018

On this week’s Side Dish, Yingying Li and I talk about lessons learned from doing “How China Works”, which is at the halfway point of Season 1 as of today - but this isn’t a promo. It’s a jumping-off point for some real talk about how the crazy and ever-changing US-China dynamic is affecting us, our friends,...

Nov 28, 2018

Meredith Sides is the kind of effortlessly funny that makes her a freakin’ joy to talk with - so much so that I had to edit 15 minutes of me rambling and BSing with her out of the raw interview (which is on me and not her for sure). But she’s also deadly serious about a topic near and dear to her heart: nut butters....

Nov 23, 2018

Kevin Geiger makes another appearance on the ‘Fretful Laowai’ edition of "Big Fish Side Dish” to talk mobile cat cremation, “faux”ga, Stan Lee, VPN-less communications during my LA trip, speaking accidental Chinese, impending Thanksgiving fun, Kevin’s love for “How China Works”, and more. 


Nov 21, 2018

Author. Speaker. Personal development guide. A Ted Talker. He’s been on “The Howard Stern Show”, “Larry King Live”, and now he’s at my studio in Beijing. Bart Baggett has worn many hats, but perhaps “sherpa” is the one that fits best. His new company is Prism Life Design, his new book is the title of...

Nov 18, 2018

Today I’m dropping this hot take on my recent trip to LA as my November solo show. The actual details of the project I was there for are under wraps for now, but the trip itself is the star of THIS show - so I hope you enjoy my sleep-deprived  tangential ramblings.