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Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom

Nov 30, 2017

My guest this week is Fei Wu, a “reverse laowai” who made the move FROM China TO the US. Fei is a native-born Beijinger who has now been living in the US for 17 years. Fei and I had a great talk. We discuss her origins in Beijing, her move to Maine to finish high school - where she became both the captain of the boys' hockey team AND the prom queen - and then her move to Boston for college and the cool life and business she’s built for herself there ever since. We also dive deep into WHY we both love podcasting, and oh, yeah: besides all of that, Fei is a third degree black belt, proving that not all podcasters are desk jockeys like myself. Links to Fei’s World and more are in the show notes below and in the blog post as always.


This episode also introduces our NEW sponsor, AWA Health! AWA Health is a unique facility, the first of its kind in Beijing, that among other specialities offers anti-stress flotation therapy. Listeners of the show get a 20% discount just by mentioning the show or my name when you book. Check the links below to get more information, and find the QR code in my blog post to contact the owner directly and book your session today.


And I’m pleased to be helping in a small way to support The Beijinger’s 7th Annual Hot Pepper Eating Contest, a fundraiser for the Maovember charity. I’ll be there shooting some footage for CrazyHot, a feature documentary film I’m helping produce that is the deepest dive ever undertaken into the origins, uses, foods, chilehead culture, and the medical future of ultrahot peppers from around the world. If you will be in Beijing on December 2 or would just like to make a donation to some very worthy causes, follow the links below to learn more.


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4th Floor, THE PLACE mall
Guanhua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing China
137-1618-2745 (Chinese)
186-0083-9624 (English)
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