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Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom

May 26, 2017

Our very first guest on the show is former investment banker turned serial entrepreneur, Loren Heinold! We discuss the ins and outs of doing business in China from an experienced investors's perspective, the "aspirational" nature of contracts here, and the true meaning as well as some practical, real-world applications of the easily misunderstood and oft-abused term guanxi.
Loren first came to Beijing as a student of Chinese language and history, and has lived here full-time since the mid 2000s. He has been an investor in or cofounder of many successful businesses and brands in China, including Q-Mex restaurant, Mantra sunglasses, and Beijing's newest East–West culinary mashup, Baozza! 
Most recently, Loren and his wife left Beijing for Yunnan province and the gorgeous mountain town of Dali, where he is taking his loves of food, entrepreneurship and social responsibility to a whole new level with the launch of an ambitious organic farming enterprise, with the aim of making a serious contribution in the areas of food safety and security here in China. It's an ambitious project and a great talk, so if you're looking to improve your China business skills or just want to learn more, this one's for you. I hope you enjoy. 
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